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by Chloe Lovatt
February 19, 2020

20 Places You Must Visit In 2020

The Perfect Itinerary for Your 2020 Travel Bucket List

It’s a new year, nay a new decade! And everyone has come up with their new years’ resolutions. But you don’t just want resolutions, you want goals of places you want to see and things you want to do. We have come up with a list of the 20 must see locations for your 2020 bucket list.

1. Pink Lake, Torrevieja

Known as “Laguna Salada” or “Laguna Rosa”, Torrevieja’s pretty in pink lake is both beautiful and offers health benefits. The high concentration of salt allows you to float easily in the water as well as being jam packed with minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron. The lake holds many powers, improving circulation, softening the skin and is rumoured to help defend against lung ailments. You can also bathe in the white sands to exfoliate and black muds to moisturise your skin. Take a trip to this instagrammable attraction that will do wonders for your health as well as your social media.

2. Lobos Island, Fuerteventura

This small island off of Fuerteventura is a must see. Only a 15-minute ferry ride from Corralejo, Lobos offers unique wildlife due to its volcanic landscape. The Eastern half of the isle is filled with “Hornitos” or “little ovens”, mounds that are formed when lava comes into contact with water. There are more than 130 species of plant and a number of types of bird to spot while you’re out there. The island may be small but there is so much to explore.

3. Boat Tour of The Islands Around Split

Favourite for European holiday makers, Split offers an abundance of things to do and trips to take from the coastal city. One of the most exciting trips is taking a boat tour of the surrounding islands. Get to visit the Blue Lagoon, the luxurious island of Hvar, Vis (where Mama Mia: Here We Go Again was filmed), and the stunning Blue Cave. Its gorgeous blue colour is caused by the way light is refracted into the cave through a small gap, and the result is breath-taking.

4. Street Art Tour of Prague

Want to be immersed in the local art? Then Prague is the place for you. Prague is an art-lovers dream, with a huge array of street art and sculptures scattering the city. Sculptures stretch the streets of the city far and wide, so there is always something new around the corner. From penguins to hanging Freud’s, Prague has it all.

5. Ronda

Ronda offers history and architecture with a touch of drama. Tourist flock from far and wide to see Ronda’s main attraction, El Puente Nuevo. The bridge is built between El Tajo gorge which carries the river Guadalevin. The town also boasts a historic bullring where modern bullfighting originated, and great views from the “alameda”, or promenade, out over the Sierra de Ronda mountains.

6. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow

The one place it’s okay to get salty. Explore Krakow’s 700-year-old salt mine. The mine is 327m deep with nine different levels, this structure is even bigger than you think as only 2% is open to the public. Each visitor gets a slightly different experience, getting to choose between the tourist route or the miner’s route, both of which will blow your mind.

7. Lagos, Algarve

Visit this picturesque port town with its cobbled streets, medieval churches and stunning views. Be spoiled for choice with six different beaches that stretch over two miles. Soak in the views, or sample supposedly the best nightlife in the Algarve.

8. Parc Sama and The Vegetable Labyrinth, Tarragona

Frances Gras I Elies called it a “paradise on earth”, Parc Sama is an iconic tourist spot in Tarragona. With its beautiful architecture, exotic wildlife and range of exhibitions, it offers something for everyone. It even boasts a gigantic vegetable labyrinth which aims to promote sustainability, making it a perfect choice for the environmentally conscious.

9. Dragon Caves, Majorca

These caves in the town of Porto Cristo a favourite amongst tourists. There are four caves in total, stretching 1,200m across and 25m deep. The caves also contain a huge underground lake. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, tours end with a floating classical concert.

10. Have Dinner with A View of The Alhambra, Granada

Dine with the view of the stunning landmark, The Alhambra. Granada’s biggest selling point provides an utterly romantic view, especially at night when it is lit up for all to see. Enjoy the view with some authentic tapas that won’t break the bank at Carmen Verde Luna. Or if you’re feeling fancy head to Carmen El Agua for some fondue with a view.

11. Game of Thrones Tour of Dubrovnik

This coastal city is one of the most visited spots in the Mediterranean Sea. More and more fantasy fans have flocked to it in recent years at is the setting of ‘Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing. You can get GOT specific tours of the city, where you can stand in the same spots as iconic scenes of the award-winning show. If that wasn’t enough, Dubrovnik has a rich history of its own, allowing tourists to see many sides of this fascinating city.

12. Secret Beach Cala Cortina, Cartagena

Visit Spain’s best kept secret, the hidden beach of Cala Cortina. Just two miles from Cartagena city centre, it is easy to get to on foot or by taxi. It’s the perfect spot for a secluded sunbathe, with restaurants, bars and a kid’s play area to keep all the members of the family happy.

13. Safari Tour of Cofete Beach, Fuerteventura

Voted one of Trip Advisor’s top 10 European beaches, it clear that this is no ordinary beach. It spans 12km of seemingly endless sand. It is so vast and undisturbed, you need a 4x4 to get around it. Its golden sands are like something out of a film. Have a Hollywood experience on a safari tour of Cofete.

14. Wine Tour and Tasting, Lanzarote

Wine tours like you have never seen them before. The Canary Islands are the birthplace of many award-winning artisan wines. In Lanzarote, you can see the grapes growing out of the volcanic soil. The ashy soil gives the grapes a unique flavour and looks pretty cool. If you want to try a new way of enjoying your booze, then this is the place for you.

15. Masca, Tenerife

Known as the “forgotten village”, Masca provides spectacular views as it sits on top of a mountain. With houses that appear to cling to the cliffs at 800m high, this is definitely a sight for sore eyes. If you want to explore the town, it holds a church where there is only room for 8 people, as well as a heap cafes and bars to sit and take in the views.

16. Watch Sunset from Cabo De Sao Vicente, Algarve

Catch breath taking views of the sunset at Cabo de Sao Vicente. It being the most south-westerly part of Europe, it was for a long time believed to be the end of the world. It certainly seems that way, with its position on the equator making the sun seem larger and as if it is descending into the sea. It also provides a great spot to check out the local marine life, being able to spy many species of bird and the odd sea otter.

17. Eat Dinner In Between A Ravine at Guayadeque, Gran Canaria

Have a dining experience like no other in Guayadeque. Sit yourself in the middle of a ravine and gobble up some stunning views, as well as some good food. Sample the local food at a tantalising price at La Era, or dine in a cave at Restuarante Vega.

18. Go Rowing on The Lake in Retiro Park, Madrid

A must-see spot if you’re in Madrid. Retiro Park provides a calm green space to get away from the noise. If you’re in the park, you must rent a rowboat on the central lake – it’s only €8! If a gentle stroll is more your vibe, there are plenty of exhibits to wander around, including the gorgeous glass palace which is used for exhibitions from the Reina Sofia gallery.

19. Memento Park, Budapest

Bit of a history buff? Then look no further! Walk through history at Memento Park. Gaze at the statues of all big players in Communism: Lenin, Marx, Engels. The eerily intriguing park gives you the chance to walk amongst the figures of the past, giving you a truly unique day out.

20. Pico De Tiede National Park, Tenerife

The largest park on the Canary Islands, Pico de Tiende has a lot to offer. A world heritage UNESCO site, this national park is a day trip to remember. From volcanic landscape, to vast craters and numerous rivers, there is so much to explore. There is also a wide range of accommodation within the park for those who want to extend their stay.

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