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by Angela Galbally
April 5, 2020

2020 Best Travel Blogs from UK Bloggers

There are so many amazing travel blogs out there where do you start? Here at Blue Lilo we have our own amazing holiday blog covering a wide range of travel topics. But want a little more travel inspiration? Luckily for you we have listed our favourite 2020 travel blogs from UK bloggers. To give you advice, reviews and recollections of their holiday experiences from traveling with a family on a budget to taking photos on a luxury adventure holiday. Take a look at our favourite inspirational and influential UK travel blogs.

1. Emily Luxton

First on our list is Emily Luxton, a solo female travel blogger. Emily has been blogging for seven years and works as a blogger full time – so she truly knows her stuff! What we love about Emily’s blog is that she wants to “connect more deeply with a place through cultural experiences, meeting locals, and trying new foods”. Leaving no travel stone unturned this blog focuses on adventure travel that goes deeper with rich cultural experiences and journeys.

2. One Tiny Leap

One Tiny Leap share their travel adventures through a family orientated perspective. Giving their “thoughts, anecdotes, collections and recollections” of their trips. This blog’s layout has a handy format whereby you can filter by specific country. A few unique things we love about this blog is their tips to help with the local language, weekend focused trips and getting around your chosen destination.

3. Project Wanderlust

Project Wanderlust also concentrates on family friendly adventure, but with a budget travel twist. This inspirational blog focuses on guides, reviews and top tips to make the most out of your holiday. The blogs are short and sweet and that is what we love about them - easy to digest information for those wanting to make more bang their you buck out of their family holiday.

4. Charlie On Travel

For a list on the top travel blogs in 2020 it would not be complete without a blog that focuses on sustainable travel. Referring to herself as a “eco-conscious digital nomad”, This green travel blog focuses on responsible wildlife and community tourism. Helping you make responsible and sustainable travel choices.

5. Global Grasshopper

This sleek blog is one of the most popular on our list, and we can see why. Created by Becky Moore, the Global Grasshopper blog is made up of a community of independent travel writers sharing their stories and top tips. No matter what topic you are in search for the Global Grasshopper will have covered it, and the stunning visuals in the articles make them even more engaging.

6. Wanderlust Chloe

We had to include Wanderlust Chloe in our list, purely based alone on the fantastic food articles this blog produces. And not only is Chloe’s passion for food but also, style, adventure and “a touch of luxury”. Wanderlust Chloe documents trips from all over the world – you cannot read this blog without getting itchy feet!

7. Suitcases and Sandcastles

Suitcases and Sandcastles is a family friendly travel blog with a difference. Allowing you and your whole family to delve into the culture of the chosen holiday destination. Covering a vast amount of European countries, Suitcases and Sandcastles write travel tips and tricks, reviews, guides, and general holiday inspiration. Our favourite thing about this blog is the quirky ‘book corner’ section with recommended holiday reads.

8. Only by Land Travel

Created by James, a travel blogger and photographer from Yorkshire, Only by Land Travel documents trips to over 120 countries and counting. With the clue in the name, James gets around via land only, so if you want to research different methods of transport available to get around your holiday destination ‘Only by Land Travel’ is the one. This blog includes a cool destination map and documents points of interest at each destination visited.

9. Along Dusty Roads

If you are looking for awe-inspiring scenery and stunning locations take a look at ‘Along Dusty Roads’ blog. Created by Andrew and Emily, this travel couple started by taking a spontaneous one-way trip to Mexico – and spontaneity is what you will be feeling after looking at this blog! A real feast for the eyes as you can gather this blog has a special interest in photography.

10. Budget Traveller

The clue is in the name with this blog and a personal favourite for us. The Budget Traveller blog really knows its stuff, created by Kash Bhattacharya an experienced travel blogger of 10 years. We love his focus on the best cheap eats (usually in the form of authentic street food). The Budget Traveller blog really challenges you to think differently around cheaper travel.

11. You Could Travel

This up and coming blog has a beautiful layout with picturesque scenes and brightly coloured shots – making it a real pleasure to scroll through. Created by Cory and Gergely, this couple travel the world together, and blog together on any travel topic you can think of. What we adore about the ‘You Could Travel’ blog is that it has an unusual take on their articles focusing on special souvenirs you can find from your chosen destination.

12. Two Monkeys Travel

Last but by no means least on our list is the ‘Two Monkeys Travel’ blog. This visually stunning blog has a unique take focusing on luxury and adventure travel. Created by husband and wife team, Kach and Jonathan, this blog not only focuses on destinations but has a whole travel lifestyle and holiday itinerary section. The best bits of the blog we believe are the honeymoon guides, travel gear reviews, and colour coded interactive destination map.

Think your blog should have made it on this list? Drop us a message (at ) and we will check you out!

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