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by Chloe Lovatt
February 14, 2020

Dreamy Destinations for Valentine’s City Breaks

Treat that special someone to a Valentine’s getaway they'll never forget

It’s that time of year. It’s time to start donning the carpet with roses and frantically finding a table for two. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s day. Why not get your significant other something that you can enjoy together? And what could be more romantic than a weekend away?

But how can you find the perfect weekend away for your petal without breaking the bank? Not to fear! We have come up with a list of the top romantic getaways for the busy couple, and have drawn up the itinerary so you don’t have to.


It is unavoidable to spark romance in Roma. Have your own Lizzie McGuire moment (we cannot promise that you will fall in love with an Italian pop star or invent an anthem) and ride a Vespa through the streets. Discover the beauty of Rome’s history, as ancient monuments crowd the centre. Tour the colosseum, St. Peter Basilica, and the Pantheon all within walking distance. Make a wish in Trevi Fountain, or hear singing on the Spanish steps. Rome is not only gorgeous in the day, but like any Italian bella, it lights up at night. All of its monuments are illuminated until the early hours of the morning. Get two countries for the price of one by entering the holy ground of Vatican City. Pop over the river and explore the Trasteveri area, the Jewish Quarter of the city. It is teaming with bars, and hole-in-the-wall pizzerias, as well as a bar called Cioccolata e Vino where you can do shots out of edible glasses. There is reason why Roman Holiday is a classic rom-com. Discover your own romantic movie moments in the city that invented amore.


It being the setting for the suitably steamy film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, this cosmopolitan city on the coast offers you the best of a beach holiday and a city break. Appreciate the Gaudi architecture that dominates the streets, including the stunning Sangrada Familia, the Basilica still undergoing construction. Catch breath taking views of the city, scaling it with a cable car, or visiting Gaudi’s architectural playground, Park Guell. Roam the historic city with a walking tour around the central El Gotica with all its hidden bars and cafes. Maybe you can catch a kiss in front of the mosaic romantically entitled “El Mundo Nace en Cada Beso” (The World Begins with Every Kiss). Grab a bite to eat in the teaming market at Las Ramblas on your way to the scenic port of Barceloneta where you can drink, eat and sunbathe. Barcelona is the perfect location to fill up on tapas and vino for your Valentine’s weekend without breaking the bank.


It’s a tale of two cities (in one) when it comes to Budapest, distinctly being able to distinguish between both sides, Buda and Pest. The Hungarian capital is full of history and amorous opportunities. It’s assortment of thermal baths and spas offer you the chance to relax while absorbing all the health benefits they have to offer. Rudas thermal baths open late and offer outdoor heating so you can cosy up with your cutie. Hike up Castle Hill to experience both parts of the city. Wander the streets of Buda while you can stare across the sights of Pest. Or, if your feet are feeling tired, take the Funcicular lift to the top. Picnic on Morgitsziget, Margret’s Island, locally known as the most romantic spot in the city. Dine in style at Ket Szerecsen, and sample Hungarian fusion food; follow that with a night at the Opera to really impress your partner. For some late-night music, head to Lampas, an underground jazz bar, filled with inviting corners to snuggle up on a cold winter’s eve. If you’re feeling active, take a bike ride tour of the islands and watch the sun set from one of the many riverside beaches. Let the Hungarian capital bring you closer to your honey.


Home to the waltz and Swarovski glass, Vienna has many an opportunity for romance. We already listed its best photo spots. Visit the Volksgarten with its blossoming rose garden outside the Hofburg Palace, or grab dinner at the Motto am Fluss, a restaurant located on the Danube Canal. If you want romance on a budget there are many affordable attractions, including €4 entry to the Austrian State Library which has stunning Hogwarts-esk architecture, and many a nook and cranny to cosy up in. Alternatively, catch the opera for as little as €7 at the Staatsoper, Vienna State Opera. Spend an afternoon at Prater Amusement Park (which has free entry!); feed each other strawberries dipped in chocolate while you take a trip on the Riesenrad ferris wheel. Grab tea and a Sachetorte chocolate cake in one of the many striking coffee houses. With so much to see, why not hire a tandem bike to explore the city, or regular bikes if you need a bit of your own space. Vienna has a lot to offer and is an affordable choice for a romantic getaway.


What could be more romantic than a floating city? A floating city where you are surrounded by people speaking Italian. Venice is made up of 317 islands, so it offers the perfect opportunity float down one of its many canals on a gondola. Visit Murano, the glass island and witness the masters of glass blowing - maybe pick up a unique piece of glassware as a souvenir. There is many an opportunity for a romantic smooch, perhaps in Piazza San Marco or on the iconic Accademia Bridge over the Grand Canal. Eat like a local at a baraco, a good choice for a cheap eat, squeezing in a snack and a glass of wine for €5. When in Italy you have to treat your other half to un gelato (or sorbet for those avoiding dairy) at Gelato de Nico, or of one of the many gelaterias littering the city. Have a weekend to remember in this city teaming with culture, sites and most importantly, gelato.


No list of romantic locations would be complete without mentioning the king of romance, Paris. Float down the river Seine eyeing up the stunning architecture on the way. Kiss under the Tour de Eiffel or climb it, if you are feeling more adventurous, and catch a stunning view of the city. No need to ruin a bridge by engraving a lock to display your love, cross the Pont des Artes pedestrian bridge to have a romantic moment that doesn’t harm the environment. Spend a day at the Parc Zoologique de Paris or walk through the Japanese gardens at the Albert Khan Musee et Jardins. Make your partner jealous by going ooh-la-la at the Monalisa in the Louvre. Go for a cheeky cabaret at the Moulin Rouge. French is the language of love for a reason. A visit to the French capital is a safe bet to ignite passion, but you can’t go wrong with classic Parisian love story.

Now I hear what you are asking. How can I possibly afford a weekend away this last minute? check out our very reasonable weekend away package deals. We have some dreamy deals for your perfect city break. Keep your partner, and your purse, happy this Valentine’s.

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