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by Simran Nayyar
March 17, 2020

Family Friendly Fun in Barcelona

Barcelona Family Holidays

Barcelona is one of the main tourist spots in Spain, popular for their sightseeing spots, eating and drinking, shopping, and beaches. It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer for kids; it is approximately a two-hour flight from the UK, making it easy to travel to for people with young kids. Here are our best spots to visit for family friendly fun in Barcelona that are unforgettable, entertaining and fun.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc ‘Font màgica de Montjuïc’

The magic fountain is located at the head of Avinguda Maria Cristina. This Magic fountain is the most attractive point for children especially, as they would enjoy the lighting effects and the music. The lights and the music turn the ordinary into a show with 7 billion possible combinations of water and lighting effects. It is utterly spectacular to behold and a great spot for taking some memorable pictures. Not only a feast of the eyes but it is also free! We recommend the best time to visit is from Thursday to Sunday in the evenings, for a full timetable see here.

Casa Batllo

The Casa Batllo is considered a masterpiece in Barcelona and one of the strongest buildings in Europe. It is known as the house of dragons for its arched roof which has been likened to the back of a dragon. This building is enchanting with irregular oval colourful windows, flowing sculpted stonework and jaw-like balconies. Approximately a 2-hour visit (perfect timing to keep the kids interested) it is a marvellous residential building to see inside. There are various rooms with twisted stairs which take you all the way to the rooftop. Don’t forget to make a visit to the magnificent Casa Batllo to take in its beauty.

Barcelona Aquarium

If you want to feel a bit adventurous then visit the Barcelona Aquarium. It is a perfect space to discover all about the seabed and all its different species. It would be a joyful place for kids as they would like walking in the transparent 80-meter-long tunnel which runs through the oceanarium and where you can walk among sharks, ocean sunfish, morays and other species. There's also a penguin area where you can watch the cute penguins dive and resurface.

Top tip: We recommend buying a ticket online buying a ticket online prior to make your visit cheaper. Also public transport is the cheapest and the most efficient way to get around. There are hop on and hop off buses, making getting to the aquarium easy.

Sagrada Familia

A must do in Barcelona is see the Sagrada Familia. One of the most striking features of this memorising construction is the role of natural sunlight bringing it to life. The natural light reflected through the stained glass, combined with the colours of the interior create an aesthetically unique experience when visiting the Sagrada Familia. The best time to visit is in the daytime not only to experience the effect the light creates on the building but to also see the beautiful gardens that surround the Sagrada Familia – perfect for enjoying a warm summer day and taking some snaps with the family. As it is one of the most famous attractions in Europe, to visit this popular spot we would recommend getting there early and purchase tickets in advance.

La Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta is a famous traditional fishing ground and is one of the city’s favourite beaches. Located near the city centre, it can be easily be accessed by foot or public transport. The perfect place for soaking up some sun and spending quality time with family and friends. Scattered with plenty of amenities from bars and cafes, to bike parks and toilets. It is a few hundred meters from the famous sites like La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter. Making getting to the beach convenient and spending a couple of hours at the beach easy to fit in your day. There are loads of traditional seafood dishes available and are reasonably priced. Also if you are looking to try more traditional Spanish food see our blog on ‘A Taste of Spain: Top 10 Spanish Dishes’.

Camp Nou

Take a tour of the Camp Nou Stadium, one of the world’s largest football arenas. Luckily, Camp Nou is open every day for tours. A tour will last at least three hours as you explore the stand, the field, the changing rooms, the players tunnel, and the commentary box. Furthermore there is an audio-visual area and multimedia installation, where you can enjoy hundreds of photos and videos. There is a FC Barcelona museum which celebrates the club history – perfect for all you Barcelona fans from around the world. The stadium is accessible from the Barcelona metro which makes it easy to get there and there are restaurants inside which are affordable.

Barcelona Cathedral

The magnificent Barcelona Cathedral has a rich decorated main facade, dotted with gargoyles is the number one place for worship in Barcelona. The cathedral was one of the few churches in Barcelona spared by the anarchists in the civil war, so its ornamentation is intact. You can see how the gothic style worked in Spain and how it differed from France or other European Countries. It is free to enter in the morning and early evenings but in the middle of the day there is an expected donation. Barcelona Cathedral is not one to miss and is worth seeing outside and in – even up to the roof.

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