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Cheap Holidays

Everyone loves a holiday, but no one likes overpaying for one. For most people, the biggest barrier to booking the holiday of their dreams is cost. Blue Lilo was created to help people compare cheap holidays so they can easily find the best holiday deal. We've put together this page to help you find other ways to save. Start reading, get booking and start saving.

Cheap Beach Holiday Destinations

The best way to save on a beach holiday is to get off the beaten path and be adventurous in your choice of destination. When you think Bulgaria a terrific, sun-filled holiday might not be what springs to mind. However, the Bourgas Area and Sunny Beach Resort are attracting more people as word gets out that the cheapest beach holidays in Europe are found here. The Turkish resorts of Antalya and Dalaman are also economical choices as the pound is strong against the Turkish Lira. Lastly, many Spanish resorts are known for their bargain deals, especially the resorts of Majorca and Costa Blanca.

Cheap City Break Destinations

Where you choose to travel is often the most significant factor in determining the price of your city break. Hotel, food, and attraction costs are often the most expensive parts of a trip, and the cost will vary depending on your destination. Generally, you can save more money by visiting a country that doesn't use the Euro. Eastern and Central Europe offer excellent value for money but still provide plenty of old-world European charm. Budapest, Prague and Krakow are excellent choices for a cheap but cheerful city break.

Tips to Save on a Cheap Holiday

Book a Last-Minute Getaway: Most people book their holidays and city breaks months in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements. If you're able to be flexible, it can help you score a bargain holiday. A last-minute holiday only works if you don't have a specific destination or date in mind, as you can't know for sure whether a holiday or flight won't sell out. Generally, anything booked less than two weeks before departure is considered last-minute.

Fly out in the Middle of the Week: People usually fly out on or close to the weekend so they can minimise the time they need to take off work. This means that flights in the middle of the week are the least popular and therefore the cheapest. If you're able to swing it, flying out Tuesday-Thursday can be a great way to save without having to make much of a sacrifice.

Take Advantage of Offers: With a bit of searching, you can often find a good bargain, especially if you aren't fussy about when or where you go. Our cheap holiday deals page is always a good place to start looking for a bargain. If you're a family, then be sure to take advantage of the thousands of free child place holidays on offer. Travelling as a family can be exceptionally costly, so travel providers offer free child place holidays to make cheap family holidays a reality.

Choose the Right Board Basis: Booking an all-inclusive holiday can be a great way to save big but only if you take advantage of it. You'll only save if you have the majority of your food and drink at the hotel, if you end up sampling local restaurants and bars then you won't get your money's worth. Before choosing your board basis, it's always important to think realistically about how often you plan on dining or drinking out. For instance, if you're planning on doing lots of day trips and excursions that will usually mean having to buy lunch outside the hotel. As a result, it may be cheaper to book a half-board holiday. However, sometimes there isn't much of a price difference booking a half-board versus an all-inclusive holiday so always be sure to compare before making a final decision.

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