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Clubbing Holidays

Are you looking to dance the night away at some of the best party spots in the world? You've come to the right page. Nightlife holidays mean you can expect plenty of bars and clubs nearby, an upbeat atmosphere and a scene that caters to young adults. We've also listed some city break destinations that are renowned for their nightlife scene if you prefer that over a beach holiday.

Clubbing Beach Holiday Destinations

Ibiza: When it comes to clubbing holidays, Ibiza sets the bar. The whole island is famous for its party reputation and is a favourite with 18-30 year-olds looking to dance the night away. Its clubs are legendary and host some of the best DJs in the world. It also has a reputation for being LGBT friendly. During the day there are also plenty of beaches to help you nurse your hangover.

Magaluf: When you think party by the beach Magaluf probably comes to mind. This destination is a favourite with party animals because there is plenty to do both day and night. The island of Majorca is famous for its sandy beaches and even has a top-notch amusement park (Katmandu Park) and a few waterparks as well. At night, there are plenty of late-night bars and clubs that keep the party going from dusk till dawn.

Kavos: Want to party hard at night but then follow it up with a lazy day at the beach? Kavos is the resort for you. It's the party resort of the Greek island of Corfu and is popular with young Brits, Germans and other Northern Europeans. It has a reputation of as one of the world's clubbing capitals so you'll have no shortage of places to party until dawn.

Malia: This destination is the most popular of Greece's party resorts. It may even give the Spanish resorts a run for their money. If you want a clubbing experience similar Magaluf or Ibiza but with a Greek flair, this is the place for you. You can expect plenty of clubs and bars but also the warm hospitality and delicious food that makes Crete a popular holiday destination.

Clubbing City Break Destinations

Prague: Love a good Pilsner? Hoping to spend your days wandering around a city that looks like it's come straight from a fairytale? For something different, you can embark on a cycling, beer-drinking tour of the city. Think of it as a bar on wheels that is powered by you and other customers. When the sun sets down hit the clubs or try absinthe at a local bar.

Budapest: Want a city break where you can soak away your hangover? Budapest is the place for you. It's called the city of spas for a reason, as you'll have your pick of 15 to choose from. If you find yourself here in the summer, you can even have a sparty, where Szechenyi baths is turned into a club. At night there are plenty of places to have a cheap drink and if time your trip right you might catch a festival too.

Krakow: The old town of Krakow has the most pubs and bars per square metre in the world. You can shot bars the specialise in serving cheap shots of vodka starting at 1€. Krakow has a long history as a student town (Copernicus is a Krakow Uni Alumni), so you can be sure there is plenty of cheap and cheerful nightlife.

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