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Kefalonia Holidays

Kefalonia is a fantastic beach holiday destination for foodies and wine lovers. The area is the birthplace to some of Greece's signature dishes and best wines. However, the turquoise waters of this area make it an alluring option for anyone looking for a sunshine-filled package holiday.

Things to do in Kefalonia

There are a wide variety of activities and sights on offer in this region, making it a great choice for travellers of all sorts. Foodies should try some of the local specialities such as the Kefalonia meat pie, which pairs savoury meat, tender vegetables and rice with flaky, thick pastry. Wine connoisseurs should head to a vineyard to sample some Robola wine, a local white wine with a lovely, lemony bite. Those who are seeking a bit of adventure should check out some of the island's famous caves. There is Drogarati Cave which is encrusted with stalagmites and the unique Cave Lake of Melissani. Here you can swim while the cave's skylight (part of the cave's ceiling has crumbled away) lets in a few golden rays of light creating an otherworldly experience. To experience a bit of the local history stop by St. George's castle. It was first built in 12th century by the Byzantines, but much was added on by the Venetians in 1504. Today you can walk among the ruins and admire the panoramic views.

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