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Family Holidays

Find Your Perfect Family Holiday With Blue Lilo

A holiday abroad is the perfect way to spend some quality time together as a family away from the stresses of everyday life. Trying and seeing new things is a great way to bond as a family, and you'll be creating memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Some of your favourite childhood memories might be of trips abroad. Travelling is a fantastic way to enrich yourself and open up to new cultures, sights and experiences. Why not give a child the same opportunity to learn firsthand about the world around them?

Since every family is different, it stands to reason that finding the right holiday is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Whether you are looking for a family city break taking in historic sites, soaking up the sun on the beach or an action-packed ski holiday, you can find it all with Blue Lilo. Our website allows you to efficiently compare cheap family holidays from multiple providers ensuring you find the best holiday for you at the best price. All our holidays are ATOL protected too so you can rest easy.

Book The Right Family Holiday For You

Doing your research will ensure that you pick the holiday that fits your needs. Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a holiday only to be disappointed. Before booking your holiday, think about what your family wants to get out of their holiday. If you enjoy sightseeing and soaking in a new culture than look into booking a city break. If sunshine and watersports are more your thing try a resort that caters to families. Looking to combine both?It's possible to book a stay at a resort near an interesting city. Croatia, Rhodes and Crete are good examples of places where you can easily combine a beach holiday with some historic sightseeing.

As a family list the things you absolutely want to do on your holiday such as scuba diving, going to a water park, jet-skiing, horseback riding on the beach, windsurfing, whale watching, visiting a theme park and anything else you may want to do on holiday. Some destinations are better than others for certain activities, so once you know what you want to do on your trip, you can begin to narrow your destination list. You may also want to consider the flight time to get to your destination, young children may find it challenging to cope with a longer flight.

Another thing to consider is the time of year you are travelling. During the winter months, most destinations are too cold for a beach holiday. If you're planning a winter beach holiday your options will be more limited.

Lastly, once you've shortlisted your holiday destinations discussing the options as a family helps to make sure that everyone is happy with your final decision. With your destination chosen, you can now use Blue Lilo to compare package holidays across multiple travel providers, making it easy to find the best holiday deals.

Before booking your holiday you'll want to consider whether it will meet the needs of your family. A family-friendly hotel is your best bet at making everyone happy, these hotels offer either a kids' club or activities that will keep the little ones entertained. Some hotels also have facilities to play tennis, mini-golf or even a mini waterpark! It's always a good idea to have a look at the hotel website if you want more details about how a hotel caters to families.

Save On Your Family Holiday

Use Blue Lilo

Using our website means that you are already well on your way to scoring the best price on your next holiday. Blue Lilo gives you the power to become your own travel agent. We make it easy to search and filter for holidays from different travel companies in one place. Meaning you can easily compare and shortlist all your potential holidays in one convenient place.

Book In Advance Or Last Minute

Airlines and hotels like to sell out as far in advance in possible. Booking in advance can save you some serious cash as they keep prices low to encourage people to book. Prices usually continue to increase as the departure date draws nearer as most people only book their holidays a few months in advance. If you are flexible with when and where you go on holiday, you can score a fantastic deal by booking a last-minute holiday. A last-minute holiday is usually considered a holiday you book less than 4 weeks in advance. As the departure date draws nearer, tour operators will drop their prices to get the holiday booked and minimize their loss.

Book All Inclusive

All Inclusive holidays are a popular choice for families and with good reason, they can help you stay on budget. Most people overspend their budget while on holiday, food and drink costs are usually to blame. Booking an all-inclusive holiday means you have one less thing to budget and keep track off on holiday. No more counting pennies to buy another ice cream as it is included in your stay. Instead, you can focus on enjoying your holiday free from the worry that you've spent too much.

Go During Shoulder Season

Booking a holiday during the summer holidays is usually the most expensive. Going during the shoulder season means fewer crowds and lower prices, but you'll still get some much-needed sun. For most destinations the shoulder season is late spring and early autumn, meaning if you have school-aged children booking a holiday during the May half-term or October half-term is your best bet for a sunny holiday on the cheap. Winter months can still be a great time to travel if you're looking for a city break, or if you are craving some winter sun, the Canary Islands enjoy sunshine all year-round.

Take Advantage of Free Child Places

Many travel providers offer free child places to encourage families to book a holiday. Usually, this deal is provided more with early bookings. Looking for a free child place holiday can help you save big, leaving you with more cash to spend abroad.

Top Tips For Travelling As A Family

Everyone wants a journey that is as stress-free as possible so that they can have the best start to their holiday. Many parents fear how their child will cope having to wait for hours at both the airport and then on the aeroplane. Keeping children happy and entertained while travelling can be done with a little preparation. Many children find the idea of flying on a plane exciting!

1) Arriving at the Airport

Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport late and having to rush about the airport to make your flight. Most airlines recommend at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight, if you plan on doing some duty-free shopping or having a bite to eat you'll want to give yourself even more time.

It's a good idea to check if your airport offers a meet and greet service. With this service, a member of the team will meet you at a designated location close to the airport's entrance and will park your car for you once you've unloaded. It will save you time looking for a parking spot, and you won't have to lug all your luggage, pushchairs, etc. When you return from your holiday, show the attendant your receipt, and they will fetch your car for you.

Lastly, expect the worst and try not to let it frazzle you. If you are stressed children will pick up on it and get stressed as well.

2) Inside the airport

If you are travelling with young children, decide how you are going to walk through the airport with them while carrying your luggage. For babies, you may want to put them in a sling. If you have a toddler, you may want to use child reins to make sure they can't wander off in the crowds.

You may want to check in advance what is your airline's policy on checking in pushchairs. You can also ask at the check-in desk to find out when your pushchair needs to be checked in and what procedure you will need to follow to do so.

Having a look at the airport's website before you arrive can help you determine where the children's play areas are and where you can eat if need be. Children's play areas help children blow off some steam and move around, making it easier to sit still on the plane later. You can also bring some activities and games to keep your child occupied, such as colouring books, word searches, a book or a hand-held electronic device to use for watching films or playing games.

3) Going through security

Make sure all your liquids are packed in the plastic bag provided at security and are less than 100ml each. In the future, you can keep the plastic bag and pack your toilet trees inside it in advance to save you time and hassle at the airport.

Families are allowed to bring enough baby milk and food to feed their child/ren in their hand luggage. However, you might be asked to sample some to prove it is food at security.

4) Boarding the Plane

Most airlines now make it easier for families to board by allowing parents with younger children to board first. This is usually offered at no extra charge, but be sure to check with your airline as each one is different.

Another good tip is to change your child's nappy before you get on the plane which minimizes the risk that you'll need to change it in the cramped aeroplane toilets.

5) During the Flight

Children, especially babies, find the pressure changes uncomfortable on a plane. To help relieve the pressure in their ears, you can bottle-feed your baby to help their ears adjust during the pressure changes during take-off and landing. Children can be given sweets to suck on or gum to chew to help relieve the pressure. Make sure your children have plenty of fluids during the flight to keep them from getting dehydrated and grumpy.

Plan ahead and pack some toys and activities that will help keep your children entertained during the flight. Colouring books, hand-held tablets or gaming devices, books, activity sheets, etc. are all excellent options to take with you.

Before your flight check if the airline offers booster seats for toddlers. If not, you may want to bring your own to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

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