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Holidays from Birmingham

Looking for a place to get away with your family and friends this winter? Are you planning a spring or early summer holiday?? There are a number of brilliant destinations for you to explore if you are planning your holidays from Birmingham.

Whatever the occasion, (or the excuse you have thought of) for your holiday - a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, party with friends, family vacation - we have the perfect holiday packages for you.

Where Can You Fly from Birmingham Airport?

You can fly to around 150 vacation destinations from Birmingham airport, from southern European sunny destinations of Barcelona, Ibiza, Malaga to romantic cities like Paris, Vienna, Florence and everything in between!

We have selected some of the most beautiful locations you would fall in love with:


Pisa is famous for its iconic falling tower. Located in the Tuscany region, this city is rich in history and has fabulous architectural sites. There are lots of amazing places to visit including the Piazza dei Miracoli and a handful of medieval churches and cathedrals.


Known as the most luxurious and charming city in Europe, Vienna can be the best city vacation destination for you. Starting from the Sigmund Freud Museum to the Spanish riding school of Vienna, there are so many places where you must visit.


Do you love beaches? Then you will love Barcelona. Its beautiful sandy beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean sea are fantastic to work on than tan for the summer. Barcelona is rich in architecture, culture, history, and nightlife. The famous Basilica de la Familia Sagrada to other great pieces of art by Gaudi to the Picasso Museum, a quick jaunt around the city will have you lost in the magic of Barcelona.

Price Comparison for Holidays from Birmingham

Whether you want to go to Barcelona or Pisa, we have some spectacular budget-friendly deals for your next holiday trip out of Birmingham. Have a look and choose the best one for you.

Packages for Holidays from Birmingham

Forgot to book your ticket on time? Looking for a budget-friendly holiday that can cater to your specific abilities? Try our customised packages without spending too much.

Hand-Picked Holidays

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide where to go as there are so many destinations. That’s why each month, we hand-pick

Last Minute Holidays

Do you badly need a vacation right now? Just have a look at our last-minute holiday deals. Just choose from the available destinations and start packing.

All-Inclusive Holidays

Nobody wants to count quids on a vacation - especially not when you need that cocktail right now. All Inclusives give you the worry-free one price for all trip. So go on and book one of our All-Inclusive holidays, where all the bills for your food, drinks, and other activities are covered.

Accessible Holidays

However differently abled you are, you deserve a perfect holiday. We have some fantastic holiday packages with ADA-accessible facilities and services so you are well looked after.

Birmingham Airport: Details & Facilities

Birmingham Airport is located in the middle of the UK, which is quite convenient for everyone. It’s the 7th busiest airport in the country, with a good number of major international flights leaving the airport every day.

You will get so many facilities such as a great parking lot, excellent public transportation links, accommodation, shopping, and whatnot. Bon Voyage!

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