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Last Minute Holidays

Find Your Last-Minute Holiday Deal Today!

Booking your holiday last-minute means you can save some serious cash. However, did you know that using Blue Lilo can help you save even more on your next last-minute holiday? This is possible because we are holiday search aggregator, meaning you can search and filter through holidays from many of the UK's top travel providers. Finding a cheap holiday has never been easier, thanks to Blue Lilo!

All of our holidays are ATOL protected so whether you are looking for a last-minute family holiday or last-minute luxury holiday you can relax knowing your holiday is protected. If you are looking for a last-minute city break, you can also use our site to find the best holiday deal. We are continually adding new destinations to our website so that we can offer you the best holiday search experience.

Why Book A Last Minute Holiday?

Not everyone enjoys booking a holiday and having to wait months in anticipation, for the day when they finally board their flight. Others prefer to be flexible and book a holiday on short notice. This can give them a good deal and lowers the risk that they will need to cancel their holiday between when they book and when they go. Airlines and hotels want to maximise profit, and this means they need to fill rooms and seats. If there are less than four weeks before departure travel operators will start to cut prices to sell their holiday packages and minimise their losses. The closer the departure date is the bigger deals you can expect. However, the cuts in price also means fewer options. If you have a specific date or destination in mind for your holiday, it is best to book in advance. Otherwise, you may find yourself disappointed when the holiday you want is already sold out. If you are flexible about where and when you go then booking last-minute is a fantastic way to save on your next holiday.

Last Minute Holiday Destinations

Where to go for your last-minute holiday really depends on what you want to get out of your holiday. Here at Blue Lilo we work with leading travel companies to offer you a wide selection of holidays to suit every taste and budget. At the moment we specialise on short-haul destinations (within Europe and North Africa) but we constantly growing and adding new destinations, in the near future we hope to add long-haul destinations to our site.

City Break Destinations

If you are looking for a cheap last-minute city break you'll often save if you visit a country which doesn't use the Euro. Budapest and Prague are two popular choices for the lively nightlife, and a pint won't set you back more than a pound. Both cities also have a lot of historical and cultural sites to enjoy as well. We also offer city breaks to other popular destinations such as Paris. Keep an eye on our city break offers as we are continually adding new destinations. Our city breaks are hotel and flight inclusive holidays. However, they either include no meals or only breakfast, as all-inclusive is usually only offered at resorts.

Beach Holiday Destinations

Who doesn’t like a cheap last-minute holiday? Using Blue Lilo means you’ll never miss a great deal again. The hard part is deciding where to go. If you are looking for a winter sun holiday, your options are a bit more limited. You will have the best luck planning a trip to the nearly always sunny Canary Islands. If you are going during the summer months or shoulder season, then you will have a wealth of options. Benidorm is a popular choice due to its affordability and crystal-clear waters. It's also only a short flight away. Bulgaria's sunny beach in the Bourgas area is becoming popular with the budget-conscious traveller. Bulgaria offers fantastic value and a vibrant nightlife scene. Antalya is a popular Turkish resort as the resort is packed with activities and sights to take in. If you want to take in some nature or culture on your getaway, this is the place to do it on the cheap. Cyprus is an up and coming choice, and for a good reason, the island combines hot weather, warm hospitality and delicious Mediterranean food, making it an incredible holiday choice.

Best Of Beach And City

If you want to combine the relaxation of a beach holiday with the sight-seeing of a city break, why not choose a destination where you can do both? Costa del Sol is a great option if you want to enjoy Spain's sandy beaches. However, did you know you can also explore the beauty of Spanish cities such as Seville, Granada and Malaga? Croatia is also a great country to combine beach and culture as many of the country's exciting cities border the coast. It's possible to find an all-inclusive resort on the beach that still allows you to do day trips to Dubrovnik, Pula or Split. If you don't mind lounging by a lake instead of the then Lake Garda might be the destination for you. Since it's located in picturesque northern Italy, you can combine a trip here with a visit to some of Italy's best-known cities. Why not stopover in romantic Venice, cosmopolitan Milan or quaint Verona?

Save On Your Last Minute Getaway

Use Blue Lilo

The good news is that you have already come to the best place for scoring a deal on your next holiday. Blue Lilo removes the hassle of having to use multiple websites to find the best price on your holiday. When you search with Blue Lilo you are searching across the top travel providers in the UK ensuring that you never miss a better deal again.

Book All Inclusive

Choosing to book an all-inclusive package holiday is an easy way to save you money. Most people go over their budget while on holiday, the two biggest things people to spend on is food and drinks. All-inclusive takes the guesswork out of staying on budget. Your meals, snacks and drinks are already included so you can indulge stress-free. Booking an all-inclusive holiday means you can focus on budgeting for other things such as activities and excursions and get the most out of your getaway.

Be Flexible

Booking a last-minute holiday means sacrificing some options for lower prices. To get the best deal you'll need to be flexible on the destination and the date and time you fly out. You can save even more on your last-minute holiday by flying out in the middle week instead of weekends when demand is higher. Avoiding other peak times, such as school holidays and the summer months will also save you some cash. Being willing to stay longer (ten days - two weeks) can also be perfect and is usually cheaper per day than only staying seven days.

Consider All Options

To further maximise savings try doing a variety of searches to find the best deal. Look at different dates, flying out of a different airport and different board options to find the best holiday for your needs and budget. Our website makes it easy to tailor your search to your specific needs and find the best holiday for you at the best price.

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