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Romantic Holidays

Are you looking for a way to connect and spend some quality time with your partner? A city break or beach holiday abroad is a perfect way to have some fun, try something new, relax and create memories together. Whether you are looking for a cheap couple's holiday, a luxury holiday or something in-between, Blue Lilo can help you find it. If you're planning your honeymoon, be sure to check out our honeymoon holidays page for inspiration.

City Break Destinations for Couples

If you're planning a weekend break for Valentine's day, be sure to check our blog post on Valentine's city breaks. If you're travelling another time of year no worries, there are plenty of European cities that ooze romance.


Some of the most romantic films have were set in this city such as Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita. A trip here is sure to woo your lover, no matter their interests. Few cities can match Rome in terms of the staggering choice of sights and food it has to offer. If you want to dial up the romance, be sure to take your lover to the Trevi fountain to throw a coin or two. Legend has it that if you throw one, you'll return to Rome, two and you'll find love in the city and three means you'll get married!


You can't make a list of couple's destinations and not mention the city of love. The city earned this reputation for its gothic architecture, wide boulevards, and various famous, beautiful monuments. For a passionate city break, try a cruise down the river Seine, Paris is particularly beautiful at night. A climb up the Eiffel tower is a must, especially at sunset when the city is awash with a golden glow. Top it all off with a candlelit dinner at one of Paris's many fine-dining establishments.


What is more magical than being swept back into time to a city with no cars? Venice is the birthplace of Casanova, history's most infamous lover, so you can be sure this city doesn't lack passion. Get lost in the city's many quiet streets, and you'll feel as though you have the city all to yourself. Make sure you stay you take in the city at night as the reflection of lights on the water gives Venice an enchanting feel. Of course, a gondola ride at sunset is popular with couples for a reason; few things are more romantic.

Beach Holiday Destinations for Couples


If you want to surprise your partner with something different, why not whisk them away to exotic Jamaica? This destination is perfect for those who want a holiday with chilled-out vibes. It's the ultimate relaxing holiday destination. Lounge by the pristine beaches, sample some rum cocktails and dance the night away to the sound of reggae.

Dubrovnik Area

Are you a couple who enjoy both a city break and a beach holiday? A romantic getaway to Dubrovnik is perfect for those who get bored of a week laying on the beach. Resorts in this area are never more than a bus ride away from thrilling Dubrovnik. The views from its city walls are incredible. You might recognise it as King's Landing from Game of Thrones. The city is a popular filming location because of its well-preserved, historic buildings. Walking around Dubrovnik will transport you back to middle-ages. When you want to relax the area has plenty of stunning beaches to enjoy as well.

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