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Room Only Holidays

Not a big breakfast eater? Prefer to sample a wide range of local restaurants and bars rather than stick to the hotel? It sounds like a room only holiday is your dream holiday. There's no point in paying for meals you're not planning on taking advantage, that why resorts offer room only board basis. Blue Lilo can help you find a bargain room-only holiday by marking it easy to compare deals from multiple travel companies.

How to decide if a Room Only Holiday is for you

Before you book a room only holiday its important to realise that it means none of your food and drink will be included with your stay. If you usually book all-inclusive holidays, you may want to think before you go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. A half-board holiday or full-board might be a better fit. Having some of your meals and drinks already arranged and paid for can is convenient and appeals to some travelers more than picking a new place to eat for every meal. Families and groups may find it especially hard to consistently pick restaurants where everyone is happy with the food and prices. Also, food and drink tends to be where people overspend the most, so being able to stick to a tight budget is crucial for having a successful room-only holiday. If you're keen on sampling a wide range of local eateries and bars, can stick to a budget and don't have to cater for a wide range of tastes and budgets then a room-only holiday is a perfect choice.

Room Only Holiday Destinations

Most resorts offer room only, but some don't provide anything less than bed and breakfast. Sometimes there isn't much of a price difference between the two, so it's worth playing around with different options before booking. Here are just a few suggestions of areas offering quality room-only holidays.

Jamaica: Want to savour some local Caribbean cuisine? How does jerk chicken cooked on a barbeque sound? Why not follow it up with some rum cocktails at a beach bar? Jamaica has plenty of cheap eats and drinks, and most of the eateries are authentic and run by locals rather than chains. This is a foodie's paradise and is the ideal place to book a room-only holiday.

Dalaman: This Turkish resort is a great place to live large without blowing your budget. Turkish food is incredibly delicious and healthy. You can expect well-known favourites such as falafel, kebab, hummus, and baklava. Since the pound is currently strong against the Turkish Lira, eating out won't cost you a fortune. For swanky bars and restaurants head to Marmaris, for family-run establishments with an authentic feel try the village of Ovacik. If you're a seafood lover, then you are in for a real treat as you'll find many restaurants and markets serving fish caught that very day. With all these options, who would want to limit themselves to just one hotel restaurant?

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