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Spa Holidays

If you're looking to soak your troubles away, then a spa holiday is the perfect getaway for you. These holidays will give you peace of mind as they'll all offer peaceful surroundings, luxurious treatment options and an adults-only space. Some hotels may include access to their steam room and sauna, whereas others may charge a separate fee. Always check carefully before booking.

Why book a Wellness Holiday?

One of the main reasons why people book holidays is to get away from the stress and chaos of everyday life. Booking a spa holiday gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and put your well-being first for once. If you want to treat yourself, why not go all out with a luxury or all-inclusive spa holiday?

Spa Holiday Destinations

At most resort areas you can find a few hotels that offer a spa holiday experience. Be sure to choose one that provides a full spa experience with saunas, steam rooms and a variety of massage and treatment options.


This resort area is the wellness capital of Portugal. It's a popular resort area for those who want an active holiday. There is a wide range of golf courses, cycling trails and watersports to take advantage of. The region is known for its natural beauty and is the perfect location for a hike. However, if you prefer something more relaxing, there are also many 5 star hotels with top-notch spa facilities to soak in.


This gorgeous slice of Turkey is renowned for its luxurious resorts. You can treat yourself to a 5-star holiday for a fraction of the cost of other destinations. The hammam originates from Turkey so you can expect fantastic spa facilities and knowledgable staff. The Turks do take their spas seriously after all. A traditional Turkish hammam consists of a hot steam room, a warm room for bathing and a cool room to rest. Most resorts will also have more Western-style spas with saunas and jacuzzis. When you're done soaking, there are plenty of historical sights to see and nature to enjoy.


Greece is known for its secluded beaches and slow pace of life. Crete is a fantastic location for those who want to spend some downtime relaxing in crystal clear waters or with a cocktail by the pool. You'll find plenty of hotels that boast excellent spa facilities and pride themselves on their relaxing atmosphere – there are also plenty of options to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of this island. Your tastebuds are in for a treat as well as Greek food is some of the most delicious and healthy in the world.

Lake Garda

Want the relaxing feel of a spa holiday but with different surroundings than your typical beach? Lake Garda offers plenty of sunshine and relaxed vibes, but you'll find stunning lakes and mountains rather than lively beaches. It's an excellent destination for indulging in a spa and then spending some quality time out in nature. Of course, your tastebuds will also be treated to delicious Italian food and drink.

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