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Stag Do Holidays

Find the Perfect Stag Do Holiday with Blue Lilo

Looking to plan an epic stag do? One that will be remembered for years to come? We can help you with that. Blue Lilo works with the country's top travel providers to make it effortless to search for the best deal. No more having to refer back and forth between multiple shortlists and websites, with us, it's all in one handy spot. If you're looking for some inspiration on where to go or how to save even more, read on.

Why Book a Stag Do Abroad?

Most people want their stag do to be a night where they live large and do something different. You probably don't want to hit up the same pubs, bars and clubs you do on your average night out. This means you'll probably be going elsewhere for your stag do. Trains in the U.K are notoriously expensive, so while a stag do in Newcastle, Liverpool or elsewhere in the U.K might seem cheaper it isn't always the case. Flights can often be less expensive than train tickets and hotels are often the same or cheaper than you'd find in the U.K. Food and drinks are almost always less costly abroad. If you go somewhere that doesn't use the Euro such as Krakow, Budapest or Prague you'll save even more.

City Break or Beach Break?

Once you've settled on a stag do abroad the next decision is to decide what sort of experience you want. City breaks are best if you can only commit to a stag weekend, whereas beach holidays are a better fit if you want to spend a week or more abroad. Bear in mind that when you travel will affect your options as well. A winter sun holiday leaves you with fewer destinations, and hotspots such as Ibiza and Benidorm will be closed for the season. Get the gang together and decide which option suits best. Once you've decided between a city break or beach holiday, it's much easier to pick a particular destination. To help you we've broken down the top city break, and beach break stag do destinations below.

Beach Stag Do Destinations

Ibiza: This resort has one of the most famous party scenes in the world. Everyone should dance the night away here at least once, so why tick this off your bucket list on a stag do? The area is also famous for its pristine beaches, perfect for longing on while recovering from a night out. There is also a more relaxed and quiet area of the resort if you need to unwind.

Magaluf: Magaluf is located on the Spanish island of Majorca which is blessed with +20c temperatures from May to October. The resort is tag do staple because of its legendary nightlife scene and bargain package holiday. If you're not bothered with excursions and just want to chill by the pool or beach, you can save even more. The island is also home to a waterpark and theme park so if you do tire of sitting poolside there are plenty of options to keep you occupied.

Benidorm: This resort is so beloved by Brits it had a sitcom named after it. Everyone knows that Benidorm is famous for its nightlife but did you know there is plenty of history here as well? The city dates back to 1323, and nearby Alicante offers plenty of gorgeous architecture, perfect for a day trip. The area also boasts three wide beaches, giving holidaymakers plenty of room to soak in the sun. Levante beach is for those who want a lively day jetskiing in the sunshine, or Poniente is more laid-back, and Malpas is perfect for those who want to sunbathe with a bit more privacy.

Weekend Stag Do Destinations

Amsterdam: When most people think stag do in Amsterdam, they automatically think of the Red light district. However, a stag party here can include a lot more than that. The city is a long-time stag favourite for many reasons. It's home to a hip cafe culture, great beer and vibrant nightlife. There are also plenty of museums, canals and other sights to take in during the day when you're not nursing a hangover.

Budapest: This destination is a bit more of an up and comer compared to Amsterdam and Prague. It is fast becoming one of the top stag destinations due to its cheap beer, great food and unique ruin bars. Be sure to book a bar crawl to discover the cities best ruin bars, To top it all off its known as the city of spas as it is home to 118 springs. Could there be a more perfect way to relax after a night of full-on partying? During the day there are plenty of sights to take in such as Hungarian Parliament buildings which are the 3rd largest in the world.

Prague: Ever wanted to ride a bike and sip a cold beer at the same time? In Prague you can take a Beer Bike tour and take in the city's famous sight will sipping some famous Czech pilsner. The city has long been a stag do favourite for its delicious beer at rock bottom prices. You'll often find in restaurants that a pint is cheaper than a bottle of coke or even water!

Tips to Help Save Money and Stress

Go All-Inclusive: If you're planning on having a beach holiday stag do then, you'll probably save by going all-inclusive. This will save you a lot of hassle paying for and organising meals, but best of all it will save you loads on drinks. Take advantage of the drinks included in your package and pre-drink before you head out for the evening; this will make going out more affordable for everyone.

Book Ahead: Organising such a significant event for a large group is stressful enough, don't pile it on by leaving it last-minute. Hotels fill up, and flights fill up even more quickly, finding enough room for a group of people is a challenge if you don't book in advance. Also, your group will have different schedules, and it is best to book a date early while it's free for everyone then wait and find it is impossible to book a time that works for everyone.

Pack Light: Certain airlines charge you extra for hold luggage. Save some serious cash and only pack a carry-on. If this isn't enough, then instead of having everyone bring a suitcase, only bring as many as you need and share between each other. You could easily share a bag between 2-3 people. Otherwise, do the math and see if booking with a provider that includes hold luggage is the cheapest for you.

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