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Winter Sun Holidays

Cheap Winter Sun Holidays

Let us help you find the perfect escape from the cold, dreary winter months. Our website helps you find cheap holidays with ease. Using Blue Lilo, you can search across multiple holiday providers to easily compare deals and find the break that best suits your style and budget. Since we work with the UK's top travel companies, you can find a wide selection of beach holidays to suit any person or family. We offer every type of holiday from adults-only, luxury, budget and family getaways. If you're looking for a winter city break, we can also help you search for that, and even have a city break page to help you get started. No matter what sort of holiday you book, if you book with us, you'll receive an ATOL certificate and can relax knowing your holiday is protected (read the terms and conditions if you want more information about financial protection). If you want some of the latest travel advice read some of our other pages to get some holiday inspiration.

Popular Winter Sun Destinations

Asking yourself where is it warm in winter? Let us help. We’ve got a few suggestions for holiday destinations below.

Canary Islands: This group of islands off the coast of Africa enjoys warm and sunny weather all year round. Each holiday offers a different feel meaning there is something for everyone here. The four main islands are Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Tenerife is an excellent choice for waterpark lovers. It's home to the best waterpark in the world according to TripAdvisor: Siam Park. If you're more of a nature lover than visit Mount Teide, which is the highest point in Spain and the fourth highest volcano in the world. A cable car will take you to the summit and reward you with stunning views of the island. Lanzarote is renowned for its dramatic and unique lunar-like appearance caused by volcanoes. The island also has plenty of sandy beaches blessed with azure waters for when you want to relax. If the main reason for your holiday is to enjoy the beaches, then Fuerteventura is the island for you. It is known as the beach capital of the Canaries. Here you will find vast stretches of sandy beaches with clear blue waters. If you want a rush, why not try surfing? The island is home to some of the best waves in the world. Last but not least, Gran Canaria blends a range of landscapes and experience. Take your pick of beaches covered with white, golden or even black volcanic sand. You can also relax by day in a traditional town such as Puerto Mogan and then party late into the night at Playa Del Ingles.

Morroco: Considered as a crossroads between Europe and Africa, you can see how both continents have left their mark on this country. If you're looking to inject a bit more culture into your beach holiday then Morroco is the destination for you! Marrakech is perfect for those who want to wander around a traditional souk (marketplace) taking in the exotic aromas and colourful sights. At night, visit Jemaa el-Fna square to take in a mesmerising belly dancing performance. If sunshine and waves are more your thing then head to Agadir, which boasts 300 days of sunshine a year. This beach resort is perfect for surfers and others who are keen on water sports. Of course, it has plenty of sandy beaches if you just want to relax as well. Morroco is a perfect choice for those who want a change from their usual beach holiday. There is a wide variety of new and exciting things to try from riding a camel in the desert, sampling some exotic foods or wandering around narrow and colourful streets.

Dubai: This destination is often associated with luxury and modern, manmade wonders, but did you know Dubai has a traditional side as well? Even downtown amid skyscrapers, you aren't far away from a market or desert. Dubai is hot year-round making it popular with Brits seeking a break from the cold winter months. Dubai is the perfect destination for those who want to indulge on holiday and amaze the senses. Dubai is known for offering the best and latest in food, sporting events, shopping, architecture and hotels. If you can dream it, then you can probably experience it here. You won't find a wider array of things to do anywhere else in the world.

Cape Verde: With a flight time of 6 hours, Cape Verde isn't quite a short-haul destination. However, it has a much shorter flight time than other winter destinations such as the Caribbean and Thailand. Cape Verde is an up and coming destination for those seeking some winter sunshine. The country is a collection of 10 islands off the coast of West Africa. The islands have a rich and diverse history this is evident in the food and music you'll find here, which are a blend of Brazilian, African and Portuguese influences. The most popular islands with tourists are Sal and Boa Vista. In Sal colourful, traditional towns such as Santa Maria contrast against the lunar-like landscape of the island. If you're looking for quaint streets and a taste of traditional Cape Verdian cuisine, you'll appreciate Sal. The eight kilometres of beach the small island offers is also a bonus. Boa Vista literally means 'beautiful view', one visit to its beaches and you'll understand how it got this name. Powdery, white sands stretch for 55 kilometres, making it a beach lover's paradise. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving.

How to Save on a Winter Sun Holiday

Fly in the Middle of the Week: Most people want to minimise the amount of time off work/school they have to take for a holiday. This means that the most popular, and therefore more expensive flights are on the weekends or Monday and Friday. If you can fly out during the middle of the week, this simple change can save you big!

Travel Outside the Peak Season: Travelling during the winter months is already cheaper than the summer when beach breaks are at their peak. However, every destination has its peak season. Research your destination and try to go during the shoulder or off-season to save even more. Avoiding school holiday and bank holidays is also a good bet to avoid higher prices and crowds.

Holiday Tips

Use Blue Lilo

Using our website for your holiday search means that you are already on the right track to finding your dream holiday at a budget price. You'll never worry about missing out on a better deal ever again! We take the guesswork out of comparing holidays. Using our search tool, you can compare holidays from different providers in one handy location. No more having to search on multiple websites and create a different shortlist for each provider, do it all with Blue Lilo! Remember that every holiday on our site is part of the ATOL scheme of financial protection.

Book Last Minute or in Advance

Airlines and hotels want people to book in advance so they can judge how much profit they are going to make. As a result, they offer lower prices to people who book many months in advance and steadily raise the rates as the departure date draws nearer to encourage people to book sooner. However, when there are less than four weeks before departure, prices start to drop. Empty seats and hotel rooms mean lost revenue, and no travel operator wants that. You'll have less choice if you book last-minute, but it's a great money-saving option for those who are flexible.

Go All-Inclusive

Choosing to go all-inclusive with your board is a great way to save on your next package holiday. Most of us have trouble sticking to a budget on holiday and tend to overspend on food and drink. If you are booking all-inclusive, that means all your food, drink, and snacks are included with your stay. Your holiday will be less stressful knowing that your food and beverages are already covered and you only need to budget for any extras you'd like. If you want the option of dining out more, you can choose a half-board basis, which includes two meals a day. At Blue Lilo, we understand that every holiday is different and sometimes you want more freedom with certain parts of your trip. Be sure to read the hotel information your travel provider gives. This will help you know what holiday and travel services are included; doing this can help prevent any nasty surprises.

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